Speed is important, but in this kitchen, safety comes first. Put your ninja cooking skills to the test.

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Your masked alter-ego leaps from refrigerator to sink and oven to counter, tossing plates to an archetypal teenaged clientele. If customers don't receive their food promptly, they storm out.

Based on principles of food safety, Ninja Kitchen is an addictive restaurant serving game in the tradition of Diner Dash, simple and accessible in its early screens but fiendishly complex as you advance. Each level brings new challenges, but never fear: you're joined by washman Hayato, fellow student of your sensei, and the laconic Kenzo, a chopping madman when he sees a head of lettuce.

Despite your dedication and skill, access to the final levels eludes you. Should you spend your accumulated tips to open the Trunk of the Master Ninja, and learn its secret?